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Personality Quiz: What % Shark Are You?

Are you the most feared creature of the deep or just a bit of a paddler? Take this quiz and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  July 1st 2021

Let's find out!

1/10 A man relaxes on a neat lawn

Do you like to relax?

2/10 Some deckchairs on the beach, with a shark nearby

How often do you like to go to the beach?

3/10 Two ice creams

What sort of ice cream do you prefer?

4/10 A pool float in the shape of a donut

Pick a pool float!

5/10 A flowery swimming cap

What's your opinion on swimming caps?

6/10 A colourful beach towel

Are beach towels really necessary?

7/10 A shark has a lovely time in a quiet hotel swimming pool

How do you like to get into a swimming pool?

8/10 A pair of flippers

Do you like to wear flippers?

9/10 A group of sharks circle above

How long can you hold your breath underwater?

10/10 A shark approaches a pizza buffet

How do you approach a pizza buffet?

0% shark

You are: 0% SHARK!

You couldn't be more un-shark like if you tried!Β 

23% shark

You are: 23% SHARK!

You have a few shark-like qualities. It's the way you fill your plate at the pizza buffet, probably.

81% shark

You are: 81% SHARK!

You're quite shark-y, aren't you?

100% shark

You are: 100% SHARK!

You spend all your time in the water and never stop moving. And when you go to a pizza buffet, it's game over for everyone else!Β