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Personality Quiz: What Should You Build In Minecraft?

You can literally build anything in Minecraft, but how is your time best spent? Take this awesome quiz and find out!

Let’s get building!

1/10 A selection of DIY tools

How would you describe your DIY skills?

2/10 Joey and Chandler in Friends
Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions | Warner Bros Television

What do you like to do with your friends at the weekend?

3/10 A rubber duck in a bubble bath

What do you like to do in your spare time?

4/10 Three pigs having a swim
Cheezburger | Giphy

Do you enjoy swimming?

5/10 An architects drawing of a fancy house

What would you dream home look like?

6/10 Hey Arnold
heyarnold | Giphy

What's your favourite subject at school?

7/10 Person giving a thumbs down to schoolwork

And your least favourite?

8/10 An alarm clock turning 0600
Columbia Pictures | Groundhog Day | Producers: Trevor Albert, Harold Ramis | Director: Harold Ramis

What are you like in the mornings?

9/10 A pile of crumpled clothes

What kind of clothes do you wear usually?

10/10 A pig running through a field in Minecraft
Mojang | Minecraft

How much time do you spend on Minecraft?

An underwater house
Smithers Boss | YouTube

You should build an: UNDERWATER HOUSE!

You're fond of swimming and have dreams of living in a mansion, so this underwater house is perfect!

A Minecraft jet
FishProtector | YouTube

You should build: A PRIVATE JET!

Why walk around in Minecraft when you can zoom all over the place in this fancy private jet?

A Minecraft roller coaster
Planet Minecraft

You should build a: ROLLER COASTER!

You're a thrill-seeker and this mega roller coaster is the perfect thing to build!

A big cruise ship
Sub | YouTube

You should build: A CRUISE SHIP!

You love to relax, so why not do it in style on a gigantic cruise ship?

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