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Personality Quiz: What Type of Hair Cut Should You Have?

Everyone knows that footballers have the most exciting hairstyles around. Or is the daftest? Whatever, get some inspiration by taking this quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021
1/10 A picture of a hairdressing salon

Have you ever had an outrageous haircut before?

2/10 A man in sunglasses with a massive hairstyle

What's the one word that would describe your dream haircut? 

3/10 Zach Galifianakis ponders some maths equations

How complicated would you like your hairstyle to be?

4/10 A game of football

Who's your favourite international team?

5/10 A football player looks surprised

What sort of football player are you?

6/10 Really fun people at a party

What's your personality like?

7/10 A pack of butter

What products would you need to put in your hair to make it look cool?

8/10 A peacock with beautiful feathers

Do you make an effort to look good at all times?

9/10 Donald Trump has his hair smoothed over

How would you describe your ultimate style?

10/10 A grandma has her hair styled with a weird invention

How long will you need to create your new hairstyle?

Paul Pogba – football hairstyles
paulpogba | Instagram

You should get: THE POGBA!

Manchester United icon Paul Pogba changes his hairstyle more often than our socks – which is a lot – so if you know a barber with a steady hand, maybe you could just get 'blam!' shaved into the side of your hair!

Gareth Bale – football hairstyles
garethbale11 | Instagram

You should get: THE BALE!

Wales hero Gareth Bale rocks the top knot like no other. If you've got long hair, then maybe you could tie it up and make it look like you've got a little cake balanced on your head!

Giovanni Simeone – football hairstyles
Giovanni Simeone | Twitter

You should get: THE SIMEONE!

This Argentine football star once made the headlines for this bizarre hairstyle but it might suit you, too? Then again, maybe not, come to think of it...

Cristiano Ronaldo – football hairstyles
Cristiano Ronaldo | Pinterest

You should get: THE RONALDO!

Sure, it might look like the Portugal legend left the barber shop halfway through his haircut, but it's still quite neat if you look at it from a few different angles!