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Personality Quiz: What Your Sunday Says About You!

The weekends are important for recharging our batteries and preparing for the week ahead. How you spend your Sunday will speak volumes about you. Take the quiz and find out what sort of person you are!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Let's find out!

1/10 A close up of a child yawning in bed

It's Sunday morning! What time is it?

2/10 Two pieces of toast

You've got to start the day with a good breakfast. What will you have?

3/10 A pug relaxing in a luxury bathrobe

How will you spend this glorious morning?

4/10 Two pairs of muddy boots outside a house

That was clearly exhausting! Now you're back home, what do you do to relax?


What's that smell? It's Sunday dinner. What's the best thing about it?

6/10 Three children play video games

Is your belly full? Best chill out for a bit – but how?

7/10 School uniform and schoolbag hanging on hook

It's time to start thinking about school tomorrow. What do you need to do to get your uniform ready?

8/10 A tired boy doing his homework at the table

Here's the big question – do you have any homework due for tomorrow?

9/10 A huge pile of popcorn

OK. You're allowed to do anything you like until it's time to get ready for bed. Pick an activity.

10/10 Red cat in glasses lying on sofa with book

Lights out at 9pm and no devices! Pick a book to read!

A boy gives the thumbs up


You've done all you need to do for the week ahead – and the week after that, probably – so Sundays are awesome for you!

A girl with headphones and sunglasses looking very relaxed

You are: SO CHILLED!

You're on top of your school work, so Sunday is 24 hours of chill out time!

Minecraft characters marching around in this result image


Sunday? Minecraftday, more like. While it's fun to play, don't forget to do your homework! 

A girl having a great time playing a video game


You're the Ronaldo of FIFA – but it also means you'll be running around the house looking for your school stuff on Monday morning...