Personality Quiz: Which Premier League Football Team Should I Play For?

Are you a superstar striker? Or maybe you see yourself as a no-nonsense midfielder? Wherever you play, take our quiz to discover which team you should be playing for

Which Premier League team should I play for?

What’s your favourite colour?

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Do you prefer defence or attack?

Who’s your favourite manager?

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What position do you play?

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What style of football do you enjoy playing?

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Who is your footballing hero?

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What kind of manager would you like to play for?

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Which team has won the Premier league the most?

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What kind of goal do you score most often?

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What goal celebration do you like?

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What make are your footie boots?

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What’s on your iTunes?

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Which international team do you support?

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What's your favourite formation?

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What’s your fave footie skill?

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Who scored the best goal of all-time?

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Which is the best team in the world?

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What kind of personality do you have?

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How would you spend your free time?

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How many teams play in the Premier League?

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