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Personality Quiz: Which Roald Dahl Character Would You Be?

Are you a Fantastic Mr Fox or a magnificent Matilda? Either way, you'll only find the answer by taking our whizzpopping quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

What’s your personality?


What’s your favourite thing?


Which word describes your bedroom?


How would your friends describe you?


There’s a frobscottle shortage! How do you react?


What one thing could you not live without?


Just wanted to check... what’s your opinion on farmers?


If you could go anywhere, where would you choose?


What’s you opinion on giant fruit?


Just a quick question. Should children be turned into mice?

The Bachelor via Giphy

What’s the worst smell in the world?


What one thing would make your life amazing?

You're Fantastic Mr Fox!

You're cunning, crafty and you always know where to find a good meal.Why can't everyone be like you?

You're George

If anyone can invent an amazing medicine, it's you!Not only that, but you can also help get rid of unwanted family members.What a hero.

You're Willy Wonka

Just like Wonka, you're cool and creative and you love your chocolate.But then again, who doesn't?

You're Mrs Twit!

You love pranks!Wether it's putting glass eyes in someones drink or just messing with their minds, you're the top trickster.Just don't complain if your pals are too scared to be friends with you.

You're Matilda

Do you ever get the feeling people don't understand you?If so, don't worry!Because you're bright, talented and destined for a great future.

You're the Grand High Witch

Oh no! You shoot laser beams from your eyes and you hate children.But it's not all bad, because at least you can fry your enemies when you want.