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What Shark Am I?

Which of these sneaky hunters of the deep are you most like? Take the quiz and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  August 12th 2022

Let's find out!

1/10 A student clearly enjoying a lesson

Which subject do you enjoy most?

2/10 A packed cinema watching Chewbacca on the big screen

Which film would you watch over and over again?

3/10 A selection of snacks

Pick a snack.

4/10 A sandy beach with the tide rolling in

What kind of beach do you like the most?

5/10 A fancy cake

What's the most fancy cake you can think of right now?

6/10 A woman singing a pop song wearing a pair of headphones

Which Disney song do you like to sing when you're getting ready to go out?

7/10 A shark biting a pool float

Describe your swimming style!

8/10 A homemade internet search page

What job would you like to do when you're older?

9/10 An old-fashioned microphone

What sort of music do you like the most?

10/10 An empty packet of crisps

What's the best crisp flavour?

A great white shark

You are a: GREAT WHITE!

You're clearly a type of large mackerel shark who silently patrols the waters with a menacing frown!

A hammerhead shark

You are a: HAMMERHEAD!

Your head is shaped like a hammer, basically. Handy for DIY projects or pretending to be a seabound West Ham United mascot!

Whale shark

You are a: WHALE SHARK!

Are you a whale or a shark? Make your mind up, mate!

Grandpa shark
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