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Pick These Emojis And We'll Tell You Your Dominant Personality Trait!

Emojis can tell a lot about a person, but what do they say about you?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 2nd 2023

Sometimes words aren’t enough, and you need a little picture of a goat to really get the message across. So let’s take a deep dive into the incredible world of image communication with this emoji personality quiz! Sometimes the simplest things give the most honest answers! Let’s go!

1/10 A selection of emojis: soup, donut, cookie, sushi

Choose your emoji!

2/10 A selection of emojis: a rocket, a lorry, a train, a police car

Choose your emoji!

3/10 A selection of emojis: a crayon, a pencil, a paintbrush, a pen

Choose your emoji!

4/10 A selection of emojis: international flags

Choose your emoji!

5/10 A selection of emojis: a pool ball, a rugby ball, a football, a golf flag

Choose your emoji!

6/10 A selection of emojis: lemon, pear, strawberry, pineapple

Choose your emoji!

7/10 A selection of emojis: tomato, sweetcorn, mushroom, burger

Choose your emoji!

8/10 A selection of emojis: a whale, a crab, a fish, a puffer fish

Choose your emoji!

9/10 A selection of emojis: hats

Choose your emoji!

10/10 A selection of emojis: smiley face, sunglasses emoji, thinking emoji, a sad face

Choose your emoji!

Result: Creative


You love a challenge and your brain and personality thrives on finding the best way of dealing with it. You’re one of those people that lights up a room when you enter it, not just because you’re kind and funny, but because you think outside of the box! The normal answers aren’t always the right ones, what even is normal anyway? Nice one!

Result: Intelligent


Awesome, your brains are the thing that really sets you apart from everyone else! You know your way around pretty much any problem that life might throw at you. You’re also the kind of person that has a million and one useful/useless facts just floating around, ready to go at a moment’s notice! After all, being clever is cool these days!

Result: Curious


Epic! Your results show that you’re the kind of person that is always asking questions - just because somebody says to believe them, doesn’t mean that you should do it without thinking first. There might always be another reason, or another explanation - curiosity didn’t kill the cat, it taught the cat how to open the cupboard and eat all the soup inside of it!

Result: Determined


Brilliant! According to your answers, you’re the kind of person that will carry on no matter what happens. Life might throw lemons at you, but you’ll not only turn them into lemonade, but you’ll also start a shampoo company with them, awesome! Life might try, but your spirit will always make it through - nice one! Don’t forget to bring your friends along for the ride!