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Quiz: Pick These Things and We’ll Tell You What 2019 Holds

Find out what 2019 adventures await you in this awesome quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Pick these things and we'll tell you what 2019 holds


1/10 Choose a colour 


2/10 Choose a screen background 


3/10 Choose a fancy dress outfit 


4/10 Pick a dog 


5/10 Pick a view 


6/10 Pick a season


7/10 Choose one bit of tech 


8/10 Choose a cat 


9/10 Pick a movie 


10/10 Choose an accessory 

You're going to become a gaming champion!

Your gaming skills are going to fly this year and you're going to win everything! You'll get so good that all the celebs are going to want to play you. Bring it on! 

You're going become a pop star!

Move along Ariana and George Ezra - there's a new kid on the block! You're musical talent is going to excel this year and you'll be hitting the charts with your pop talent. Better get practicing!

You're going to be able to talk to animals!

This year your love for animals with transform into magical powers and you're going to learn how to talk to them (a bit like Johnny Caravan!) You can become best friends with your cat or dog now. Awesome!

You're going to become a superhero!

Watch out Spider-Man, there's a new hero in town! You'll just wake up one morning and know how to fly. How awesome! Better think of a cool superhero name for yourself!