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Get The Party Started With This Pink-redible Pop Quiz!

How well do you know the early 2000s popstar Pink? Your trivia skills will have to be looking pretty rosy to get 10/10 on this tricky music quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  August 5th 2022

Remember Pink? You should do - her discography is packed full of great tunes and she's one of the most successful artists in recent times. So being too young to have heard of her is no excuse... And besides, she's still going strong! So answer these questions and find out how much you know about the popstar Pink in this epic music quiz!

Let's get this quiz started!

@pink | instagram

How does Pink like to spell her name?

@littlemix | Instagram

What girl group was Pink originally part of?


Which of these is not a real Pink album?


What was the title of her song from the movie Moulin Rouge?


How would you describe Pink's voice?

@pink | instagram

Where is Pink from?


Finish this lyric. "You throw your head back..."

@pink | instagram

What's her real name?


Which of these things does she enjoy doing?

@pink | instagram

Instead of making her better, what does Pink say both you and pills do?

@pink | instagram

Gah! Oh dear! Have you heard of Pink before? No, not the colour... the popstar! Never mind. Have a go on a different music quiz? We're sure you can do better on the next one!

@pink | instagram

Pretty good! You missed out on a few right answers but this score isn't too bad. Do you know where you went wrong? Have a look back and see if you can get a higher score the second time round!

@pink | instagram

Very good! Really well done. You clearly know your stuff - do you have all of Pink's albums? You must do with a score like this! You did just miss out on a couple of right answers though... can you beat this score on a different music quiz? Time to find out!

@pink | instagram

Amazing! A perfect score! You're a real Pink expert, well done! Now, can you get another high score on a different pop quiz? Bet you can!