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Prank Quiz โ€“ True or False!

Put your prank knowledge to the test and see if you can identify the real April Fools pranks!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

Every good prankster needs to be able to identify these iconic April Fools pranks! Can you figure out which of these pranks really happened and which ones we totally made up? Or will you turn out to be a total April Fool? Good luck!


In 1978 a giant iceberg was towed into Sydney Harbour, Australia, which turned out to be made of shaving foam


In 1998, Burger King announced it was making a 'Left-handed whopper' for their southpaw customers


In 2005 the Finnish government announced that from now on, anyone caught thinking about elephants would be arrested


In 2008 the BBC claimed it had captured footage of penguins flying to rainforests where they would spend their summers sunbathing


In 1911 scientists claim to have found evidence that the sun was only about the size of a hot air balloon


In 2008 Tesco claimed that, when cooked, its special new carrots would whistle


In 1856 Charles Darwin tricked everyone into believing he had discovered a type of monkey that loved wearing makeup and singing opera


In 2019 Apple announced it was released the 'Apple 0.1' - a phone chip inside an apple, which you would eat and then absorb into your system


In 1949 Frankfurt Zoo in Germany told everyone it had found an incredible rare white elephant - but it was just a normal elephant that had been painted


In 1992 Los Angeles Airport painted a giant sign on it's runway that said 'Welcome to Chicago!'


In 1126 King Henry I pranked his wife by jumping out at her from behind a door - she was so shocked she fell out of the window


In 1965 the BBC interviewed a scientist who claimed to have invented 'Smellovision' - TV you could smell - and asked people to write in describing what they could smell.


In 1957, the TV show Panorama showed Swiss 'spaghetti farmers' harvesting spaghetti from trees


In 2005 marine biologists announced that they had discovered a mermaid - except it had the legs of a human and the head of a fish


In 2012 the British Library announced it had discovered a medieval manuscript with instructions for cooking a unicorn, written by a cook called 'Geoffrey Fule'

Amazing! You're a prank pro and nothing fools you! Maybe you even take inspiration from some of these iconic pranks!

Well done! You know enough about pranks that you can spot almost all fakes!

You managed to spot a couple of fakes, but you could do better! Have another go!

Uh oh! Looks like someone needs to go back and sit the exam again! You're prank identifying skills are pretty poor! Never mind, try again!