Prank Sweets - Mal-cheese-rs

Choco-cheesy-treat (yuk!)

For this prank, you will need:

- Cheese Puffs
- Some chocolate
- Cocktail sticks (for dipping)

You will need chocolate, cheese puffs, two bowls and some toothpicks.

Step 1

Melt the chocolate!

To get the 'Malcheesers' look right, you'll need to melt about one square of chocolate for every two cheese puffs you want to cover. 

Ask a grown up to help you for this bit (we used a microwave to melt the chocolate - blasting it for 30 seconds at a time and stirring until it was melted).

Pop the chocolate into the microwave

When the chocolate looks like this - it's ready!

Make sure your chocolate has all melted, but hasn't gotten burnt.

Step 2

Lay down some newspaper, or do this part in place that's it's OK to get a bit messy. 

Get ready to dip your cheese puff into the chocolate, by stabbing it with a toothpick.

Step 3

Cover them all in chocolate!

To start, put a cocktail stick into a cheese ball, and then dip it in to the melted chocolate. Make sure the chocolate coats the cheese ball fully, and space them out on a plate or tray to let them dry.

Cover the cheese puffs all over with chocolate, one by one, and let them settle on another plate or tray.

Step 4

Now, we wait! 

It can take about an hour in the fridge for the chocolate to set, so check back later.

Put them in the fridge to cool

Ready, steady, prank!

Now that they're ready, see if you can trick somebody into eating one - it might work even better if you have a bag of sweets to put them in!

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