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Pride History Quiz

Find out if you're a bona-fide Pride historian with this extra tricky LGBT+ quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021
1/12 An Egyptian pyramid says hi

It's totally natural to be Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) - or anything else, for that matter! But have people always been LGBT+?

2/12 Statue of Liberty looks confused

When and where did the modern Pride movement start?

3/12 An LGBT person raises their fist defiantly

The first Pride event actually wasn't a party at all, but a big fight between the gay community and...who?

4/12 A flag at a Pride event

Why have the gay community and the Police fought each other in the past?

5/12 A dolphin and an elephant over a pride flag

Since the first Pride event in New York, the movement has spread all around the world. But not everywhere. Why not?

6/12 A Roman Emperor

Throughout history, LGBT+ people have been....

7/12 A cute rainbow flag

In the olden days, LGBT+ was just L+. Then more letters got added. True or false?

Wikimedia Commons

The biggest rainbow flag ever made was over a mile long! For a while it was... what?

9/12 Harvey Milk
@harveymilkfoundation | instagram

Harvey Milk was the USA's first openly gay...what?

10/12 Margaret Thatcher looks annoyed

It was illegal to talk about LGBT+ stuff in British schools until... when?

11/12 A happy woman with a rainbow flag

Who designed the first rainbow flag?

12/12 A Taoist deity
Wikimedia Commons

BONUS QUESTION! Since the 1700's, Taoists have believed in a God that looks after gay people. It's the only religion to have a God like this! This God is in the shape of an animal... but which one?

Bah, Humbug! Have another go and see if you can keep that rabbit God happy!

Good pride skills! You can do better though - have another quick go and see if you can spot where you went wrong?

Good work! This quiz was real tricky, too! The Rabbit God is smiling down on you today! Can you beat this score on a different Pride quiz?

Great score! You know loads about Pride! Well done!