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How to Draw a Flying Bat!

Learn How to Draw a Flying Bat!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  January 31st 2017

Step 1: Draw some ears

Start off with 2 slightly curved upside down V's. Draw a thin, pointy oval in each to make the inner ear bit.

Step 2: Draw a head

Next add a straight line to join the ears at the top and a big round line to join them at the bottom

Step 3: Draw some eyes

Draw 2 circles in the face space and another couple of filled in circles inside them

Step 4: Draw a nose

Between the eyes, add a pointed semi-circle and a couple of lines or dots for nostrils

Step 5: Draw a mouth

Draw in a big curve for the mouth and don't forget to add in a couple of triangle fangs for biting

Step 6: Draw a body

Give your bat a fluffy oval shaped body under its head

Step 7: Draw some wings

Draw a big curved line from the head pointing to the night sky, then loop back round to the bottom of the body with an upside-down wave shape. Do the same on the other side to prevent your bat from flying in circles.

Step 8: Draw a tail

Finally draw a very thin triangle from the bottom of the body and add a flap either side with a slightly curved line connecting to the wings