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How to Draw a Beast!

Here's how to quick draw a beast in 20 seconds

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  March 14th 2017

Step 1: Draw some eyes

Start with a couple of squished circles and add some rugby ball shaped pupils inside them for that animal look

Step 2: Draw a nose

Between the eyes draw 2 lines dropping down to a slightly bloated triangle. Remember to add some nice black dots for nostrils.

Step 3: Add a mouth

Under the nose, draw a thin sausage and a couple of triangles pointing upwards for some ferocious fangs

Step 4: Draw some eyebrows and a beard

Make some shapes with jagged lines above the eyes and under the mouth

Step 5: Draw some horns

Every beast needs awesome horns! Draw 2 pointy banana shapes just above the eyebrows and make them stripey with come curved lines.

Step 6: Draw some sideburns

Join the eyebrows to the beard with some more jagged lines running along the sides of the face

Step 7: Draw lots of fur!

Go wild! Draw a bunch of jagged lines connecting the top of the face and all the way round to give your beast a proper body and head. Add on extra zig zags to make it even furrier if you like! 

Step 8: Lift the curse

Finally, tell your beast that you love him to magically turn him into a handsome prince. We suggest you leave this part out though - being a beast is so much better!