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How to Draw Horses

Here's how to draw a horse in 20 seconds

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  November 29th 2016

Step 1: Ears

Start by drawing two 'v's upside down

Step 2: Head

Your horse will need a head! Give him a nice jawline and a cheek.

Step 3: Neck

Next is a lovely long neck

Step 4: Eyes

He'll need to see! Draw two circles and then two black circles for the pupils.

Step 5: Nose

Draw little lines for his nostrils

Step 6: Back legs

First you'll need to give your horse a back

then draw two legs that look like drumsticks

Step 7: Front legs

Two little sticks for front legs so your horse doesn't topple over

Step 8: Hooves

Draw some little horse shoes

Step 9: Mane

Now draw a beautiful, luscious mane. First do the wavy hair...

then the tail. What a beauty!