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How to Draw a Penguin!

Here's how to draw a penguin in 20 seconds

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  December 13th 2016

Step 1: Draw a body

It's the same shape as a bowling pin

Step 2: Draw some eyes

Add some eyes to your bowling pin by drawing two ovals in the top part and two coloured in ovals inside those

Step 3: Draw a beak

Below the eyes, draw a long upside-down tear drop. It also looks a bit like a carrot

Step 4: Draw some flippers

Draw two slightly pointed ovals on either side of the body

Step 5: Draw some feet

Give your penguin something to stand on by drawing a couple of extended W's at the bottom of the body

Step 6: Draw a belly and markings

Draw in a semi-circle in the lower part of the body and two more semi-circles either side of the beak for that classic penguin look

Step 7: Colour it in

Colour the body and flippers in and you're done! (Penguins are usually black and white, but you could try other colours. Like green. Green's a nice colour.)