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How to Draw a Race Car!

Here's how to draw a racing car in 20 seconds

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  January 10th 2017

Step 1: Draw some wheels

First, draw a circle with another circle inside it. Follow the line of the outer-circle around one of the edges to make a curved moon shape. Then do that again a short distance from the first wheel.

Step 2: Draw a body

Link the two wheels together with a line then draw an awkward triangular shape across the top. Give the points a rounded edge to give it some bulk.

Step 3: Draw some more wheels

Cars usually have four wheels, so draw two more on the opposite side of the body. You only have to draw half of the wheels this time because they are hidden by the rest of the car.

Step 4: Draw a grille

Add a squashed oval to the front of the body. It looks like the car has a nose!

Step 5: Draw a bumper

Draw a sausage across the front of the car. This sausage will protect the car from crashes.

Step 6: Draw a cockpit

Add a jelly bean in the middle of the car and draw a steering wheel by adding a semi circle to the front of it

Step 7: Draw a spoiler

Finally, draw two short sticks coming out of the back of the car and link them together with a rectangle with pointy edges and your car will be ready to roll!