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How to Draw a Robot!

Here's how to draw a robot in 20 seconds

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  December 6th 2016

Step 1: Draw a head

Start with a big rectangle

Step 2: Draw a face

Add 2 circles for eyes and a small coloured in rectangle for a mouth

Step 3: Draw extra head bits

Draw in some loops on the side of the head and a line with a dot on the end to give your robot some futuristic ears and an aerial

Step 4: Draw a neck

Put the head on top of a neck by drawing a rectangle underneath with a line running through the middle. You can make the neck look more rounded by making the lines slightly curved.

Step 5: Draw a body

Again, with slightly curved lines, draw a long rectangle underneath the neck

Step 6: Draw some arms

Next, draw 2 thin rectangles either side of the top of the body then add a long thin tube coming out of each. Add stripes to the tube and then draw bulky square brackets for hands.

Step 7: Draw a control panel

You need some way of controlling your robot so draw a rounded rectangle on its body and fill it with buttons! You can also add levers and wires and anything you like here to make it look ultra-robotic

Step 8: Draw some legs

Just like the arms, draw 2 stripey tubes coming out of the bottom of the body

Step 9: Draw some boots

Finally, no robot is complete without its ro-boots! So add them to the ends of the legs and your robot will be ready to activate!