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How to Draw a Rocket

Here's how to draw a rocket in 20 seconds

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  December 28th 2016

Step 1: Draw a body

Start with a long triangle. Curve the lines slightly to make the rocket look round.

Step 2: Draw fins

Add two fang shapes to either side of the body

Step 3: Draw a porthole

Make a circle in the middle of the body and then another circle inside that for a window. Add some dots around the edges to give it some rivets!

Step 4: Draw thrusters

Draw two sausage shapes to the bottom of the rocket and stick two rectangles underneath. Again, if you slightly curve the lines it makes it look a bit more 3D.

Step 5: Draw the top

Simply draw a curved line along the top to cap it off

Step 6: Draw some decoration

Finally, decorate your rocket how ever you like! You could add some buttons or lasers or whatever to make your rocket rock!