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Quick Draw – A Shark

Here's how to draw a shark in 20 seconds

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  March 9th 2021

Step 1: Draw a head

Start with a slightly pointed semi-circle facing the direction your shark is heading

Step 2: Draw some fins

Add a big fin at the top by drawing a curved upside down V shape. Then draw a smaller curved V shape at the bottom to make another fin.

Step 3: Draw a body

Draw a couple of lines from each fin to make up the rest of the shark's body. Again, make them ever so slightly curved to give it that bottle neck look.

Step 4: Draw a tail

Connect the two lines of the body with a wide W on its side

Step 5: Draw an eye

Add a squashed circle to the head and a big coloured circle inside that to help the shark see in the murky depths of the ocean

Step 6: Draw a mouth

Draw a curved line from the point of the nose. Don't forget to add a couple of sharp teeth by drawing some triangles from the mouth.

Step 7: Draw some gills

Finally, add three lines just behind the eye so your shark can breathe underwater. Feel free to also add extra features like battle scars or a hat!