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How to Draw a T-Rex

Here's how to draw a T-rex in 20 seconds

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  January 17th 2017

Step 1: Draw a head

Start by drawing an open ended potato

Step 2: Draw a back and tail

From the potato draw a curved line diagonally for the back, then loop round and back to make a tail

Step 3: Draw a belly

From the other side of the head, draw a J shape to give the T-rex a bit of a pot belly

Step 4: Draw some legs

In the space between the belly and tail draw a semi-circle and a little line (almost a question mark hidden behind the tail). Then, from the belly, add a wavy line and some zig-zags on the end for toes.

Step 5: Draw some arms

Add some more wavy lines further up, and either side of the body. Again, add some zig zags on the ends of the arms for claws.

Step 6: Draw an eye

On the head, draw a circle with another coloured circle inside it. Add a diagonal line along the top for an eyebrow to give him an expression of pure rage!!

Step 7: Draw some nostrils

Add two tiny lines at the front of the head

Step 8: Draw a mouth

Finally draw a long oval under the nostrils and add one final zig zag through the middle to give your T-rex the teeth of a mighty king! RARARARARARARR!