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How to Draw an Owl!

Here's how to draw an owl in 20 seconds

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  November 15th 2016

Step 1: Draw the body

Start with a big circle with an ever so slightly pointy bottom

Step 2: Draw a face

It's like a fat heart shape that looks like it's been stepped on

Step 3: Draw some eyes

Add some lovely big eyeballs by drawings two circles on the face

Step 4: Draw some pupils

Add two more circles inside the eyeballs and colour them in. The bigger the better!

Step 5: Draw a beak

An upside-down tear drop between the eyes makes for a beautiful beak

Step 6: Draw a belly

Draw a semi circle at the bottom of the body to make a belly - like a majestic sunrise full of food!

Step 7: Draw some feet

Give your owl something to stand on by adding two W's to the end of its body

Step 8: Draw some wings

Add some wings on the side by following the edges of the body to form little bulges

Step 9: Draw some feathers

Finally, draw lots of little V shapes on the belly to decorate your owl with a feathery chest