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How to Draw Santa!

Here's how to draw the mighty Santa Claus in 20 seconds

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  March 9th 2021

Step 1: Draw a beard

Start by drawing a big bushy beard. Feel free to go wild with it - Santa's beard cannot be tamed!

Step 2: Draw a hat

Add a long sausage shape above the beard. Then a very droopy triangle coming from the top of it. Don't forget a little circle at the point too for the bobble.

Step 3: Draw the head

Just add a couple of ever so slightly curved lines joining the beard and hat together

Step 4: Draw some eyes

How is he going to see if you've been good this year if he hasn't got eyes? Draw two circles in between the hat and beard and add in some filled in circles for pupils.

Step 5: Draw a nose

Draw a big U shape between the eyes for a classic Santa nose

Step 6: Draw a mouth

Next add a curved line in his beard to give him a festive grin. Draw in two extra curved lines either side of the mouth for Santa's cheeks (filled with mince pies!)

Step 7: Draw a Jacket

Finally add a big fluffy jacket by drawing two curved lines either side of his head and adding in details like a fluffy trim and some Christmas buttons...and you're done! Ho-ho-ho!