How to Draw William Shakespeare!

Have you seen a Shakepeare and wish you could draw one? Well, here's how to do it and make it look awesome!

Step 1: Draw a Head

Are you ready to make some good art?
Well, a big oval shape is where you should start

Step 2: Draw some eyes

Draw a squished circle and another inside
Then do it again to give him matching eyes!

Step 3: Add a nose

Shakespeare is famous for smelling a rose
An upside down 7 should make a good nose

Step 4: Draw face hair and mouth

Add a curly shaped 'tache, and curve for a grin
And underneath that, draw a beard on his chin

Step 5: Add some hair

Draw a long wavy line that's light to the touch
(The bard's going bald, so no need to draw much!)

Step 6: Draw a ruff

Draw on some circles that go round his neck
Then add on some details to make him look sick!

Step 7: Add some shoulders

Just two more short lines and you're finished forever
Now go and write poems, or plays or whatever!


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