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Personality Quiz: Build Your Squishy Collection…

And we'll tell you what kind of person you are! Just answer these questions and we'll do the rest. It's that simple!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Let's find out a little more about yourself by answering these questions...

1/10 Two tape measures

How big will your squishies be?

2/10 A selection of paint brushes

What's the main colour of your squishy collection?

3/10 An animated gif of a finger prodding a squishy toy

What kind of shapes will they be?

4/10 A stress toy is cut open to reveal its shiny contents

What will your squishies be made of?

5/10 A squishy cat phone case

What unusual features will they have?

6/10 A close-up of a dog's nose

Does your squishy collection have a... smell?

7/10 A squishy toy that looks exactly like a hot dog
thehollycopter | Youtube

Will your squishies look good enough to eat?

8/10 A squishy toy with keyring

What about cool accessories, like a keyring?

9/10 A man playing the accordion

If you squeezed them all together, would they make a sound?

10/10 A burger bun squishy toy with a name tag which says 'Squish'
CathyDM | Youtube

What's your collection called?

Your squishy collection has defined you as funny

You are: FUNNY!

Your collection is fun and makes people smile. Just like you! 

Your squishy collection has defined you as kind

You are: KIND!

Our special computer has decided that you are kind to everyone and help people do stuff, even if you're like, soooo busy

Your squishy collection has defined you as a great student


The results are in and it has been decided that you do your homework on time, ask proper questions and resist the urge to mess about when the teacher turns their back. Plus, you have an awesome squishy collection. Obvz

Your squishy collection has defined you as messy

You are: MESSY!

Wow. Your answers lead us to believe that, while you have an awesome squishy collection, your room is an absolute whirlwind of mess. It's a wonder you found this quiz. Maybe pick up your socks once in a while, eh?