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Quiz: Can You Ace Our Big Fat Quiz of 2017?

2017 was a busy year! How well do you remember it? Take the quiz below and test your 2017 knowledge!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  December 28th 2017

Let's quiz... 2017 quiz!


Who were the first non-league side in 103 years to reach the FA cup quarter final in February?

@teddysphotos | Instagram

Ed Sheeran released his new album in March but what was the album called?

@theroyalfamily | Instagram

In April Queen Elizabeth celebrated her birthday! How old is she now?


4/10 On 28th May, which song was number 1?


In June there was a general election in the UK, but who won?!


July was the hottest month of the year and the hottest year recorded in how many years?


7/10 Bake Off started on Channel 4 in August but who won the series?!


8/10 In October, who fell down the hole on stage at the Radio 1 Teen Awards?


9/10 In November it was announced Prince Harry was engaged, but to who?!


10/10 The new Iโ€™m a Celebrity winner was crowned in December, but who won?!

Oh no! Not good! You need to work a bit harder on your 2017 knowledge!ย 

Hmmm... Not the best. You need to do a bit more research! Try again and see if you can do better

So close! You almost know 2017 perfectly! Maybe try again and see if you can get 10/10

NAILED IT!! You sure do know 2017 well! What a pro! Now it's time to start learning all about 2018!