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Quiz: Could You Run Jurassic Park?

Do you have what it takes to be in charge of the world’s greatest theme park?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Let's find out if you could run a dinosaur park!

1/10 A dinosaur displaying a park opening hours sign

What would your opening hours be?

2/10 A big pile of money

What price would you charge to visit?

3/10 A dinosaur running on a race track

What sort of dinosaurs would people be able to see?

4/10 A boy petting a dinosaur

Would there be a dinosaur petting area?

5/10 A close up of a dinosaur's eye

What vehicles would you provide to visitors?

6/10 An escaped dinosaur

What would happen if a dinosaur escaped?

7/10 Two massive dinosaurs roaming free

What's the name of the main attraction?

8/10 A group of dinosaurs relax next to a lake

Do the dinosaurs get time off?

9/10 A T-rex at a fairground

Are there any fairground rides?

10/10 A dinosaur roams the gift shop

What sort of things would you sell in a gift shop?



Your Jurassic Park sounds amazing! See you soon!

A plastic Toy Story dinosaur


We'll give your Jurassic Park a miss, thanks. We don't want to get eaten!

A triceratops


We have every confidence your Jurassic Park would make for a great day out!



There's no way we'd visit your theme park! It sounds too dangerous!