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Personality Quiz: Could You Switch Back From Your Mum’s Body In Time?

You wake up to find you've switched places with your mum. Can you swap back in time by answering these questions? If not, you could be stuck forever!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Let's find out!

1/10 A fun photo featuring a mother and daughter

What's your relationship like with your mum?

2/10 Two ladies doing yoga in a park

Do you like to do activities together? 

3/10 A mum and daughter hug in a field

When did you last give your mum a hug?

4/10 A woman using grapefruit as a pair of comedy eyes

How would you describe your mum's personality?

5/10 A woman with blue hair posing for a picture

How would you describe your personality?

6/10 A magician's top hat

Is there such a thing as magic?

7/10 A woman wearing an oversized pair of purple sunglasses

Describe your mum in one word

8/10 A baking mishap involving a burnt cake

Who's the best at baking? 

9/10 A person armed with a bucket of cleaning products

Is your home messier or tidier since you swapped bodies?

10/10 A photo of an unsure person

Would you do swap again?

Freaky Friday
Walt Disney


Take a deep breath and relax. You did it!

Freaky Friday
Walt Disney


Oh no! What happened there? You're stuck as your mother and will have to just deal with it. Best have a cup of tea.