Personality Quiz: Decorate Your School Book and We'll Reveal What Kind of BFF You Are!

You can tell a lot about a person simply by looking at the different stickers on their school book. Take the quiz to find out what sort of friend you are!

Look, a fresh exercise book! How will you decorate it?

Pick a film sticker to start off with!

What sort of emoji describes your personality best!

What sort of cartoon stickers would look best on your book?

Pick a catchphrase sticker next!

Look, there's still some space. What will you choose to fill the gap?

How about a Beano sticker?

How about a sticker related to your favourite food?

Your best friend has swapped some stickers with you. What will you use to fill that other gap?

How about a sticker to show where you've been on holiday?

We think a music-themed sticker would look awesome and finish your book off a treat. Pick one!

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