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The Ultimate Famous Faces Quiz!

Sure, most people can name a famous celebrity by looking at their face. But how well will you do when it's zoomed in?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  July 26th 2021

We bet you know loads of celebrities just from looking at them - but what if there face is just a bunch of splodges and pixels? Only a TRUE fan would know who it was! So test yourself with this awesome quiz...


1/12 This lady is a famous YouTuber

Who's this famous YouTuber?

2/12 A close up of a famous musician

Do you recognise this person?

3/12 This man is popular on YouTube

You might have seen this guy on YouTube!

4/12 This celebrity is a famous musician

Who's this chap?

5/12 You may have seen this person at the cinema

Who might this be?

6/12 This person is a pop star!

Can you tell who this person is from the cropped photo?

7/12 This person is an actress

Which sci-fi TV star is this?

8/12 This UK pop star has had lots of hit singles

Who's this pop star?

9/12 A famous English football player

Who's this England football legend?

10/12 A celebrity doctor

Which celebrity is this?

11/12 A famous British vocalist

Which singer do these eyes belong to?

12/12 A TV celebrity's eyes

Who do these eyes belong to?

Jodie Whittaker

Oh dear! You don't seem to know who's who - Maybe you should have another go!

Adele | Press

Good try! Why don't you have another go and try to get a bigger score?

Stormzy | Press

Great! You know your celebrity faces! Why not try again and aim for an even better score!

DanTDM | YouTube

Awesome! It looks like we've got a celebrity face expert on our hands - what a top spotter you are!