How Sassy Are You Really? Find Out With This Quiz

Sassy as can be or a little more shy? Find out once and for all.

Let's do this!

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Who's your favourite pop star?

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Someone is talking while you're telling a story. How do you react?

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What do you call your group of friends?

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You buy some pop at the cinema but they give you the wrong drink. What do you say?

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How do you show someone that you don't like them?

Totally Random Question

Which of these INDOOR activities have you done in the past week????

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What do you use your social media for?

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Do you friends come to you for advice?

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Someone copies your hairstyle. What do you say?

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Which are the following are you most likely to do?

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You find out there's a party and you're not invited. How do you react?

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