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Quiz: How Well Do You Know Little Mix?

Take this quiz to see if you're a Little Mix Expert!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  June 17th 2022

Quiz:How Well Do You Know Little Mix?

1/8 Little Mix
@littlemix | Instagram

Who is the oldest member of Little Mix?

2/8 Perrie Edwards

What were Little Mix originally called?

3/8 Little Mix
@littlemix | Instagram

What year was the band formed?

4/8 Little Mix
@littlemix | Instagram

Complete the Lyric: 'Take a sip of my secret potion...'

5/8 Leigh Anne from Little Mix

Where is Leigh-Anne from?

6/8 Little Mix: The Search

Which member dated Zayn Malik?

7/8 Jade of Little Mix

Which of these is NOT a Little Mix song?

8/8 Little Mix
Little Mix | Facebook

Which award did 'Shoutout To My Ex' win?

Magic result
@littlemix | Instagram

Magic! You really know the girls, well done!

Well done result
Little Mix | Facebook

Well done! You're clearly a big fan!

Try again result
Little Mix | Facebook

Hmm, you know a teeeny bit about Little Mix, maybe you'll learn more if you take the quiz again?

Oh no result

Uh oh, you're not much of a Little Mix fan! Try the quiz again and see if you can improve!