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Can You Match the Pet To the Celebrity Owner?

How well do you know your famous pets? Take this awesome quiz and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 17th 2022

Are you ready?

1/10 A tiny white kitten
shantiombb | Instagram

This is Shanti Om Bb. Who is its famous owner?

2/10 A cute dog called Nugget
officialnuggetperry | Instagram

Nugget is a big ball of fluff – but who do they live with?

3/10 A small white cat takes a rest inside a big shoe
taylorpixel | Instagram

Olivia Benson likes resting her head on shoes. But who's the celebrity pet lover?

4/10 Dorito the ginger cat
teddysphotos | Instagram

Dorito clearly enjoys lying around and being a ginger cutie. Who feeds them in the morning?

5/10 A dog sniffing a rose
butteraa_ | Instagram

Who gets to hang out with Toulouse?

6/10 A happy dog waiting patiently to board an aeroplane
finnsite | Instagram

Finn enjoys a cool lifestyle. Which actor takes them for walks when they're not boarding aeroplanes?

7/10 Hobbs the dog chews on some furniture

Who'll be clearing up after Hobbs' cushion rampage?

8/10 Penny the dachshund

Who is cuddling Penny?

9/10 A dog lies on a bed next to a tray of breakfast snacks

Koji looks ready for a nap. Who's the celebrity pet owner?

10/10 Macy Grey the kitten
littlemixoffical | Instagram

Could Macy Grey be any cuter? Which member of Little Mix do they belong to?

Lady Gaga's dog Koji
ladygaga | Instagram

Oh dear! Lady Gaga's dog Koji is not impressed at all. Have another go and try to get a better score!

Ed Sheeran and a kitten
teddysphotos | Instagram

Good effort! Ed Sheeran and his little mate applaud your score. He's in the love with the shape of mew, don't you know?

The Rock and his two French Bulldogs
therock | instagram

Great effort! Even The Rock and his French bulldogs are  impressed!

Katy Perry and Nugget
katyperry | Instagram

Paw-some! That deserves a tiny high five!