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Personality Quiz: Pick Your Slime And Discover Your Style!

Find it hard to describe your style to people? Take this slime-based personality quiz and we'll tell you. Easy!

Are you ready? Let’s get slimed… by science.

1/10 Slime

Let's pick a colour!

2/10 Slime

What sort of texture should it be?

3/10 Slime

What will you mix into the slime?

4/10 Slime

Add something else. What would you like to put into your slime now?

5/10 Slime

What does it smell of?

6/10 Slime

Is it sticky?

7/10 Slime

Can you eat it? 

8/10 Slime

What does it look like now?

9/10 Glow in the Dark Slime

Does it glow in the dark?

10/10 Slime

Where will you keep your slime?


Your style: The 'Unicorn' Fan

You love glittery slime, so it makes sense that you're a fan of unicorns. So much so, that you've got a unicorn mask which you wear to any family event. But not school, because it's not allowed apparently.

Ed Sheeran

Your style: The 'Sheeran'

You're most comfortable in a shirt and a pair of jeans. You're too busy having fun to spend any unnecessary time getting ready. And you know what? You look good. It works for Ed.

Your style: The 'Ghostbuster'

You take slime so seriously, you've taken the Ghostbusters uniform as your style inspiration. Handy if you get messy or chasing ghosts around the town.

Dennis The Menace

Your style: The 'Dennis'

You can't go wrong with a black and red jumper, black shorts and a catapult, really. 

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