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QUIZ: The Adult Test – Can You Stay Awake To Complete The Most Boring Quiz Ever?

Can you remain alert enough to answer these mind-numbing trivia questions?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Good luck – and try not to yawn!

1/20 I and J question - what's the dot called?

What is the dot over the letters i and j known as?

2/20 Barbie

What is Barbie's full name?

3/20 A cow in a field

How much saliva do cows produce a day?

4/20 A stopwatch

True or false: a jiffy is 1/60th of a second

5/20 The solar system

Which is the only planet that's not named after a god?

6/20 An x-ray of a skeleton

How many times a year do your ribs move due to breathing?

7/20 A slug on a leaf

How many noses does a slug have?

8/20 A person holding their foot

What percentage of your body's bones are in your feet?

9/20 A camel

How many eyelids does a camel have over each eye?

10/20 A stamp featuring Van Gogh

During his life, how many paintings did Vincent Van Gogh sell?

11/20 Aquarium displaying two tropical fish

Which fish can blink with both eyes?


True or false: tigers have striped skin

13/20 A golf ball and club

How many dimples are on a UK golf ball?

14/20 A Hawaiian coast

How many letters are in the Hawaiian alphabet?

15/20 A stunning shot of Venice

How many islands does the city of Venice stand on?

16/20 A prawn walking around

Where is a prawn's heart located?

17/20 A woman holding a pair of scissors

Which artist invented the scissors?

18/20 A writer surrounded by crumpled paper

Which author invented the word 'bump'?

19/20 A woman talking expressively

How many muscles does a human use when talking?


20/20 Which colour of green is a different shade to the rest?

A bored man

Oh dear! It seems your brain took a nap before you got a chance to score any serious points. Wake up!

A yawning woman

Good effort! While the questions were sending you off to sleep, you managed to pull in a few points. 

A bored child

Great work! You might have yawned your head off several times, but that didn't stop you from getting a decent score! You could even pass for an adult - if someone was looking you from a distance, that is.

A thoroughly bored woman

Awesome! You managed to stay awake long enough to get a perfect score! Are you sure you're not a grown-up in disguise?