Quiz: We've Mixed-up Match Attax Cards, Now We Need You to Tell Us Who's Who

Reckon you can tell these players apart? Let's hope so because there's a whole team of muddled-up footie stars for you to work out...

To kick off, we've got some keeper confusion. Who've we mixed up here?

Next up, we've got a defender dilemma. Can you split the players?

Next question, and we've some muddled midfielders to choose from. Can you work out who they are?

Next up, a record-breaking England player mixed with a German star. But who are they and which club team do they play for?

For the next question, we've mixed a striker from the South coast with a Premier League winning midfielder. But who are they?

Right, here we have 2 strikers who score goals for big teams. But can you work out who's who?

More goal-getters here, but one's a midfielder and one plays as a striker. Can you tell them apart?

Next up, a pair of midfielders who are great at passing the ball. Any idea who they are?

Right, these 2 have got a load of goals between them. But can you tell them apart?

Okay, these 2 strikers play for very big teams from the same city. Any idea who they are?

Okay, to finish up, we've got 2 of footie's biggest superstars here, but this quiz ain't big enough for the 2 of them! So can you tell them apart?

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