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What Unicorn Am I? Quiz

Everyone is a unicorn in one way or another. But what unicorn are you? Find out with this quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  January 31st 2018

Are you ready? Let's go!

1/10 Ralph Wiggin

What's the first thing people notice about you?

2/10 Little Mix have ordered a pizza

What kind of takeaway do you prefer?

3/10 Katy Perry

Who's your favourite pop star?

4/10 Popcorn

What's the best snack to get in the cinema?

5/10 A field

How would you spend an afternoon in a big, grassy field?

6/10 The internet

What's the best thing you've ever seen on the internet?

7/10 Long hair

Do you have long hair?

8/10 Sparkly Jo Jo

Are you into sparkly things?

9/10 High five

Where do you like to hang out with your friends?

10/10 Slime

Do you love slime?


You're a Magi-corn!

You're happiest hanging around in a forest with your other unicorn mates and eat grass. And that's it, really. You apparently have magical powers, but we haven't seen it for ourselves yet.

Rainbow Unicorn

You're a Rainbow Unicorn!

You're brightly coloured and have magical powers. You probably don't even need a password for Netflix. That's how magical you are! The downside is that you can't find clothes that won't clash with your rainbow style.


You're a Winged Unicorn!

You're a good friend to have, if you need a lift to the cinema or something. But don't sit in the front row, because your wings will block everyone's view.

You're a horse with an inflatable unicorn horn strapped to your forehead

Nice try. We could spot you a mile off.