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What Type of YouTuber Would You Be Quiz?

It seems that everyone is a YouTube star these days. Find out what kind of YouTuber you'd be by taking this awesome quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 9th 2022

Are you ready?

1/10 A Finnish girl competes in a hobby horse competition

What is your favourite hobby?

2/10 A very cool, cheap watch

How much time do you spend doing it?

3/10 A confident YouTuber

Are you confident in front of a video camera?

4/10 A very cool teenager wearing sunglasses

YouTubers have cool nicknames. What would yours be?

5/10 A family playing video games

Do you like playing video games?

6/10 Adventure Time's Jake The Human eating a sandwich

Pick a snack!

7/10 What's your hashtag?

Do you use hashtags in real life?

8/10 Rebel Wilson singing a song

Can you sing?

9/10 Adventure Time's BMO

What's your favourite cartoon?

10/10 A YouTuber asking viewers to subscribe

How many subscribers would you consider 'quite good'?

DanTDM | YouTube

YouTuber status: GAMER!

You love to play video games and love to share your tips with your friends. Could you be the next Dan TDM?

My Froggy Stuff's Little Froggy
MyFroggyStuff | YouTube

YouTuber status: ARTY!

Just like MyFroggyStuff's Little Froggy, there's nothing you can't make out of some paper, sticky tape and pieces of cloth!

Joe Sugg
Joe_sugg | Instagram

YouTuber status: VLOGGER!

You love to document your daily life, just like ThatcherJoe aka Zoella's bro Joe Sugg!

Zoella | YouTube

YouTuber status: BEAUTY VLOGGER!

You know all there is to know about make-up, just like Zoella. Are you going to write a book soon?