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Slime Names Personality Quiz: What Is Your Slime Name?

Have you ever imagined what it would be like if you were made of slime or what your name be? Find out with this quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 24th 2022

Let's goo this!

1/10 A smiling dog looking for slime names

How would you describe your personality?

2/10 A pair of bright green rubber sandals

What sort of shoes do you wear?

3/10 A sloth wearing a Santa Claus hat helping us calculate slime names

Do you ever wear a hat?

4/10 A lady enjoying some bright pink bubblegum

What flavour bubblegum is best?

5/10 Purple glitter

What's your opinion on glitter?

6/10 A woman in a bright yellow jumper holding a rainbow umbrella

Do people consider your clothes to be brightly coloured?

7/10 A man with a card up his suit sleeve

What's your hidden talent?

8/10 Someone wearing glow in the dark paint

Have you ever glowed in the dark?

9/10 A boy with a Post-It note stuck to his head

Do things stick to you for no reason?

10/10 Someone holding some pink slime

What's the best thing about slime?

Scientists prepare a special form of slime to calculate slime names

Your slime name is: DOCTOR GUNK

Your slime is so specialised, it was made by a group of scientists whose lab always looks like a fantastic mess – it stretches, splats and can even stick to metal!

A marshmallowy kind of slime

Your slime name is: MARSHMALLOW FLUFF

You're bright, light and look like a slimy cloud – awesome!

Working out slime names: neon slime!

Your slime name is: NEON MISCHIEF

You're bright and glow in the dark – and very messy!

Slime names: glittery slime

Your slime name is: GLITTERSPLAT

It sparkles, it's stretchy and hits the table with a satisfying... SPLAT