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15 Interesting Ragdoll Cat Facts You Never Knew!

Here's everything you need to know about one of the biggest, fluffiest house cats in the world!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  September 9th 2022

Apart from some dogs, is there anyone who doesn't love cats and, most importantly, amazing cat facts? How much do you know about the floof-tastic Ragdoll cat? Whether you're a cat expert or not, there's something fur everyone here! So, paws what you're doing and get to know these fluffy, gentle pals a little better!

1. Ragdoll kittens are born with white fur!

When Ragdoll kittens are born, they have completely white fur. According to experts, their bodies react to temperature which will affect how their coat changes colour as they develop into adult cats.

2. They all have blue eyes!

The International Cat Association says that for a Ragdoll cat to be classes as purebred, they must have blue eyes. By the time they reach 3 months old, their eye colour will remain the same. If a Ragdoll does not have blue eyes, it means they're a mixed breed.

3. Some go limp when they're picked up!

Ragdoll cats love a cuddle. The reason they go limp in your arms as it reminds them of being carried by their mother when they were a kitten. This is why they're called Ragdolls, just like the toy.

4. They're bigger than your average house cat!

These cats can grow a little larger than your average cat. Females will weigh 15 pounds, while males tip the scales at 20 pounds. Plus their thick coat makes them look like they've been working out at a gym. As far as we know, there are no gyms available to cats.

5. Taylor Swift owns a ragdoll cat!

@taylorswift | Instagram

Taylor Swift loves cats and Benjamin Button is one of her newer additions to her cat family, alongside Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson. You can spot him in her video for the song 'Me!', and quickly became one of the most famous cats in the world when it appeared on TV and the internet.

6. They can live for ages!

According to Ragdoll cat fans, this breed can live from anywhere from 15 to 25 years! While this is longer than most pet cats, the oldest cat on record – Crème Puff – lived until they were 38 years old!

7. They like to play a game of fetch!

While most pet cats prefer to nap in sunny spots, chase feathers or ignore us until they're peckish, Ragdoll cats are playful in ways which are similar to dogs. It's not unusual for these cats to play a game of fetch. Maybe they think they're dogs and no-one has corrected them.

8. Their coats are always soft!

Ragdoll cats are known for having thick fur. Some cats like this shed a lot during the warmer months, but this is not necessarily the case for Ragdolls. It all depends on the climate where you live. And while their fur lacks an undercoat, it doesn't mean it won't get matted. Cat owners must make grooming an important part of their care.

9. They're known as gentle giants!

You've learned that these cats are bigger and heavier than most domestic cats, but they're known for being big softies who love to cuddle and play.

10. They're indoor cats!

This cat has been bred over the years to live indoors. As they're very trusting, peaceful and fond of lying around at home, this means they might be poorly equipped for life in the outside world. Experts say they can be let into the garden as long as your fences are cat-proofed so they can't walk onto dangerous roads.

11. They take a bit longer to fully grow!

Where most domestic kittens develop into adults relatively quickly, the Ragdoll takes its sweet time and becomes an adult cat at around four years of age. So that means owners get more kitten-like behaviour for longer than other breeds, which is value for money if you ask us!

12. The first ragdoll cat came from California!

Ragdoll cats are a new-ish breed and were introduced by Anne Baker in Riverside, California. Every Ragdoll can be linked back to her own pet cat Josephine, who had a kitten named Daddy Warbucks, who was first registered in 1966.

13. Ragdoll cats don't mind a bath!

In general, cats absolutely hate baths and would happily climb up a wall to avoid them. But some Ragdoll owners have noticed that their pets don't mind – not necessarily love – a bath. And as their coats are so thick, it helps with keeping them well-groomed. Remember: the water should be luke warm and shallow, and your cat should be very gently dried immediately with a towel.

14. Ragdoll cats don't mind mice, either!

While most cats are born hunters, Ragdoll cats are very relaxed and not prone to being fearsome predators. They're not known for being expert mousers and there are some comments on the internet that suggest they're a bit rubbish when they do have a go. They'd much rather play fetch with a ball or just relax, it seems.

15. They're not obsessed with climbing and jumping!

Some cats prefer being high up in different parts of your house, but the Ragdoll cat is not one for jumping and leaping around. They've been described as 'floor cats' and prefer to be nearer their owner's feet than the top of a bookcase. They're probably looking for snacks.