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Rant Attack: Back to School

Starting a new school or going back to school after the summer holidays can feel scary. In this video Emma rants about fitting in and making new friends. Check it out!

In this video, Emma rants about going back to school and how it can be scary making new friends. We made this with the help of our mates at Young Minds who were full of great advice for Emma to use in her rant. The main advice? JUST BE YOURSELF!

Lots of people feel nervous about fitting in and making friends but it’s important to remember that you should just be yourself and you will meet people who have similar interests and will become great mates!.

And if you see someone who looks lonely – go an see if they’re ok! School is scary for everyone at first so it’s nice to be nice and look out for each other.

Remember: have fun and be yourself! 

Visit Young Minds for help and guidance with mental health or if you just need a little support: ​