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Rant Attack! Emma Gets Angry… About Football

There's no point in expecting England to lose! Listen to Emma and give our footie team a big boost this summer!

Emma is angry. Again. Last time, she was stewing over SATs exams because, lets face it, SATS suck!

So what’s got Emma’s goat this time? People being down on the England footie team, that’s what.

But why don’t people want to support Harry Kane and the rest of the team? There’s lots of big names that didn’t even qualify for this year’s competition, like Holland Italy and the USA (but Donald Trump might still say his team won!).

Or maybe it’s because the England footie team is made up of young players like Marcus Rashford and Raheem Sterling? But that’s got to be better than having a load of old footie dinosaurs on the pitch! This isn’t Jurassic Park!

So come then – let’s be more like Brazil and get our samba-style going!

Stick those three lions to your shirt and listen to Emma and get behind England this summer! And if you need some help, check out more fab footie content right here!