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This Rap Quiz Goes Hard!

Think you know the biggest rap artists and tracks of 2022? We'll see about that! Answer these 10 tricky questions to test your music know-how!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  January 31st 2023

Are you a Stormzy superfan? In love with Lizzo? Us too! Well you can test your knowledge of music's greatest rappers with this topical 2022 quiz! You'll need to be fresh up to date with the latest releases, and be warned... scoring 10/10 is pretty hard! Ready? Let's find out how you'll do!


How do you spell this rapper's name?


Which of these is NOT a real type of rap?


Nicki Minaj has written songs with one of these rappers. Which one?


What's the name of Stormzy's 2022 album?


Finish this. "Childish....."?


Which of these Drake albums broke the record for most streams in one day?


Pusha T named a song after which soft drink?


What was the name of the track Tyga and Doja Cat made together?

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What's the name of Meghan Thee Stallion's 2022 album?


Which of these is NOT a track from a Stormzy album?

Bah! This isn't very good. Embarrassing! You must prefer other types of music right? Fair enough. Well never mind... You can have another go at this quiz, or try a different one. We've got loads of other music quizzes for you to choose from!

Nicely done! This is a pretty good score. You definitely know your stuff, so well done! You did definitely miss out on a few right answers though - do you fancy taking this quiz again and really proving your rap music skills? Go on! Or we've got plenty of other quizzes to choose from!

Great job! You know loooooads about rap music! This is a great score - these have to be your favourite artists, right? You didn't quite get 10/10 though.... Do you know where you went wrong? See if you can beat this score on a different music quiz! We've got loads to choose from!

Amazing! This score is so good you've blown the speakers! Well done - you clearly know loads about rap music! Very impressive! Now, how does your knowledge of other music stack up against this score? Try another of our amazing music quizzes and find out!