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Retro Game Quiz - Elite Knowledge Only

Games have never been cooler or better than they are today - but what about games from the past?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 28th 2023

How well do you think you know the games from yesteryear? Can you tell your Tamagotchi from your Game Cube, or your Xbox from your Megadrive? This quiz is the only way to truly find out, so let’s power up and see if you can get a super high score on this mega Retro game quiz! Let’s go!


Name this game!


What is this game?


If you answered Tetris, well done, but when was Tetris released?


How many AA batteries were in the original Game Boy?


Name this console?


Who might jump out of this green pipe?


What is the name of this game?

Pokemon Corporation

Which Pokemon game came first?


What kind of game was Pong?


Which decade was Pong released?

Uh oh! Okay, so this isn’t the best result you could have gotten, but that’s fine! Some of these games are really, really old and maybe your parents wouldn’t even know what they are so don’t worry! After all, modern games are way better!

Alright! Not bad, you’ve got a good basic knowledge of some of these old games, that’s pretty impressive seeing as most of them are from the last century! It’s important to know about history, if we didn’t know stuff about the things that have happened before we wouldn’t be anywhere as good at making great games nowadays! Why not have another go and see if you can score higher?

Blam! Great work! You’ve scored really well here! You’re nearly the GOAT of the retro gaming world! It seems like you’re secretly pretty retro yourself - not many people would be able to get all of these so well done! We think you could still do a bit better though, so why not have another go and see if you can score 100%??

There it is! Full marks! They said it couldn’t be done, but here we are top of the leaderboard and looking down on all the others who don’t know quite as much as you about these old games! Well done, now you better hurry up and give that Game Boy back to the museum of ancient history - they’ll be missing it! Well done!