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Can You Pass Our Frobscottling Roald Dahl Quiz?

Do you know your Twits from Matilda? Take a peek at this book-tastic Roald Dahl quiz!

Last Updated:  September 16th 2021
First Published:  November 5th 2020

What kind of birds do they eat in Danny Champion of the World?

The Twits | Roald Dahl / Quentin Blake

Which of these things does Roald Dahl NOT say is in Mr Twit's beard?


What happens to George's granny when she drinks his Marvellous Medicine?


Complete the title of this book by Roald Dahl."____ Mr Fox"

Matilda | Roald Dahl / Quentin Blake

Who are these people?


Roald Dahl used to fly planes during World War 2. True or false?

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory | Wolper Pictures / Warner Home Video | Stan Marguiles | Mel Stuart

Willy Wonka is actually an Oompa Loompa in disguise. True or false?


What does the BFG eat instead of human beans?


What kind of animal is Esio Trot?


Which of these is NOT a book by Roald Dahl?

Uh oh! This giant peach is not happy!

Pretty good! This giant peach reckons you can do better though!

Good job! The giant peach is impressed!

James' peach is well impressed with this giant score!

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