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15 Roblox Adopt Me Facts You Need to Know

Check out these awesome facts all about Roblox Adopt Me!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  March 14th 2022

Roblox Adopt Me! is one of the most popular games of all time. Here are 15 awesome facts about the egg-tastic game!

1. It's been played a total of 20 billion times

Roblox is super popular, and it's been played literally billions of times!

Millions of people love playing Adopt Me!

3. It was released in 2017

Adopt Me! is from the same studio as Roblox and lots of other games, and the original didn't include any pets at all!

4. All the pets hatch from eggs

In real life only certain animals hatch from eggs, but not in the Adopt Me! world, where everything comes out of one! In order buy to adopt a pet, you must first buy an egg for it to hatch from! The type of egg you get depends on what sort of pet will hatch.

5. The currency is called 'Bucks'

You can use it to buy food, toys, gifts and other things, even houses and furniture!

6. There are 5 classes of pets

These are: common, uncommon, rare, ultra-rare, and legendary. The more expensive the egg, the rarer the pet will be.

7. You could adopt a pet rock

Yup, on April Fool's day 2020, it was possible to adopt a pet rock! Just like real rocks, they didn't do much!

8. It used to be about adopting children

When it first started, the game was about adopting babies, but since pets have been introduced, they've grown more and more popular!

9. There are lots of different updates and themes

Temporary themes include Scooby Doo, pirate and holiday ones like Halloween and Christmas

10. A Neon Pet is a combination of 4 other pets

To get a neon pet, you must fuse the spirits of four of your current pets! And they glow!

11. Someone once accidentally spent $8,000 on the game

Yup, a 6 year old boy in Australia managed to accidentally spend $8,000 on Roblox pets without his parents knowing!

12. Scammers can be a problem

Scammers have been known to lurk on Adopt Me!, trying to sell players fake pets and other things that don't really exist. Be careful!

13. The most valuable pets are called 'Legendary'

It takes a lot of game play to get some of these pets, and they include crazy things like golden penguins, bat dragons and evil unicorns!

14. It's the only game that has currently passed the human population in visits

That's right, it's had more visits than there are people on Earth! Either some people are visiting twice or...aliens?

15. Some of the pets are really weird

It's not just cats and dogs on Adopt Me! You can get everything from starfish and red pandas to mythical animals like unicorns and gryphons!