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11 Question Roblox After The Flash Quiz!

Think you know After The Flash? Think again! We've put together this challenging quiz to see just what you really know about this awesome game! Good luck!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  January 30th 2022

After The Flash is the ultimate Roblox world - a dystopian future where you have to fight all sorts of foes just to survive! But how well do you know it? Take this quiz and find out! We've got tonnes more quizzes here, including loads of awesome Fortnite Quizzes, as well as this epic Which TV Character Are You Quiz?

1/11 Roblox Gameplay
Roblox | Roblox Corp.

Who created ATF?

2/11 Dinosaurs on jungle background

What sort of world is ATF set in?

3/11 ATF Gameplay
Roblox | Roblox Corp.

How many ATF games have there been to date?

4/11 Someone gaming with derpy llama

Where was invaded in 2032?

5/11 Viruses with splat and arrow

What's the name of the people-monster hybrids in the game?

6/11 Cute seal with yellow splats

What does SEAL stand for?

7/11 May of Florida with arrow

Where does ATF Frost take place?

8/11 Boy dressed as president with flag and question marks

What's the name of the US President in the first game?

9/11 Explosion with cool face

What was 'The Flash'?

10/11 ATF Gameplay
Roblox | Roblox Corp.

What year does ATF start in?

11/11 Porcupine in the desert with splats

Which game is set in Arizona?

Oh no result image

Uh oh! Looks like you've managed to fail this quiz pretty hard! Never mind, it's a good excuse to go and play more ATF! Enjoy!

Try again result image

Hmm, not terrible, but we know you could do way better! Have another go and see if you score any higher with your ATF skills!

Well done result image

Well done! Looks like you're pretty clued up on ATF and its huge world! We're impressed!

Awesome result image

Incredible! You could rule the ATF world! You know everything there is to know! Nice!