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Roblox Doomspire Quiz - Of Doom!

Oh yeah! Welcome to the Doomspire - one of the most intense Roblox modes out there! But how much do YOU know about it?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 9th 2022

It’s one of the more ruthless additions to the world of Roblox, with risk awaiting you at every turn! With rocket jumps and bomb dumps you can never be quite sure what lays ahead of you and your rivals! Why not have a go at the quiz and see if you can properly prepare yourself for the next battle!? Let’s go!


How many spires are there on the original Doomspire?


Which game is Doomspire on?


What type of game-mode is Doomspire?


Are you allowed gear on Doomspire?


How do you bomb jump?


What weapon keeps you going?


Which layer of the spire is the widest?


If you fall off, how do you save yourself?


What colours are the Doomspires in the original game-mode?


How do you win?

Uh oh! Right, you haven’t done that well on this quiz, but fear not! Not everyone can be a Roblox expert straight away! These things take time and practice! So power up that machine and get back onto those Doomspires!

Nice, we’re getting there with this quiz now! You haven’t done brilliantly, but that’s ok, you can’t be amazing at everything straight away, it takes commitment and concentration! So why not have another go and see if you can improve on your result?!

Wow! Now this is up there with the greats! You’re almost the Roblox Doomspire experts! So very close, but not quite 100% - why not re-do the quiz and see if you can get full marks and top the leader board?!

Epic, you’re there! Right there at the top of the leaderboard, a whopping 100% right, that’s unheard of! We’re impressed, and you should be proud! Shout it at the top of your lungs! YOU ARE THE DOOMSPIRE EXPERT! Well done!