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Goal! Try This Roblox: Football Duels Quiz!

WIll you be the last one standing in this football-tastic Roblox challenge? Get set, ready... and quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  March 7th 2023

So... you think you've got what it takes to score big on this Roblox Football Duels quiz, right? Well lets what happens when you go head to head with these 10 extra tricky football duel questions! Let's see how your skills stack up! And don't forget... we have lots more Roblox quizzes if this one is just TOO HARD!

Are you ready to score some touchdowns? Let's go!


First to __ wins. Fill in the blank!

2/10 Sports commentator's microphone

Football duels are 1v1. What does the v stand for?


What kind of football do you play in the game?


What colour is the trail that comes off the end of the ball?

5/10 A referee's whistle

Which of these words is the odd one out?


What's most important for catching the ball?

7/10 A retro video game

What's the multiplayer game called?


The game is set in a... what?


What do you gain by winning matches?

@Firesignnn | Youtube

How do you win lob elimination?

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Arrgh! Oh no! This score isn't your best! This is embarrassing! You'd better have another go at this one... and quick! If you don't fancy it after all, you can try a different Roblox quiz! Or even a different football one! We have loads!

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Pretty good! This is real nice. You clearly know a few things about Football Duels! You didn't quite get a high score, but you can be pleased with this one. If you want to score higher, have another go! If you don't, let's try a different one! We have lots more!

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Are you the last one standing? Pretty much! Just look at this score! Well done! You didn't quite score 100%... but near enough. Do you fancy seeing if you can beat this score on a different quiz? We have lots more to try!

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Fantastic! This is the perfect score! You really know your stuff! Full marks - there's no improving on this score! But can you match it on a difefrent Roblox quiz? Or even a football one? Let's find out!